Chess Daily Interviews

Chess Daily Interviews:

Chess Daily Tribe,

In addition to developing private chess courses for members of the Tribe, we’ll be recognizing organizers and teaching you how you can grow chess in your area and explore its many benefits with our Chess Daily interviews.

Starting today, we’ll be looking to conduct text and podcast interviews with players around the chess world who are doing productive things to grow chess.

We have a list going of potential interviewees, however, I’d like to look to interview chess organizers and teachers in local areas. If you can think of anyone please feel free to utilize the contact information I’ve left at the end of this post.

Our Chess Daily interviews intend to be informative and educational with enough value that can be implemented by any individual who has the initiative to grow chess.

This is what Chess Daily was originally intended to be and we are glad to finally be in a position to contribute to the growth of chess players, the chess community, and the educational development of the youth who are are able to be exposed to the game of chess and choose to embark on the fun headache that we all know and love!

If you have any suggestions for guests feel free to comment here, email, or tweet @chessdaily or @erickhoxter

Thank you,

Erick at Chess Daily

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